Shaanxi Zhongbang Pharma-Tech Co., Ltd. is a modern stock group company that incorporates research, development, production and sales. Zhongbang has invested a JV GMP pharmaceutical company in Togo, West Africa and two GMP pharmaceutical companies in China.The following companies were set up under Zhongbang Group: Shaanxi Zhongbang Pharma-Tech Co., Ltd., Xi'an Aobang Biological Products Co., Ltd……

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Persist in using innovative management culture
Adhere to the road of value innovation
Care for the masses
Create a healthy state
Technology as the first pharmaceutical
Revitalization of national
Core Values:
Value Innovation
Work Ethic:
Work hard and good at thinking
Client Philosophy:
Understanding problems in customer's perspective
Analyzing problems with the wisdom of experts
Solving problems through continued effectiveness
Talent Concept:
Put everyone in the right position = The most suitable position